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Total Recall 2070 – TV

1999 – 1 season. Based on the movie. Buddy android/cop show. Mars mystery. Conspiracy. Blade Runner esque, yet cheesy with a touch of cornball. Not really much of an extention of the original movie. .

RoboCop – TV

1994 – 1 season Based on the movies except more family friendly with no killing. Bad guys and crime. Lots of villains, action and esplosions. Robocop looks and acts just the same as the movie. I want Otomo. .

Moonbase 3 – TV

1973 – miniseries – 6 episodes A show trying to be realistic on a moon base. A bit dry. Some uninspired writing. They go out onto the surface and then back into the base and then back onto the surface amot. At one point they all think the earth blew itself up but then… it […]

Star Cops – TV

1987 – one season Cops in space, on space stations, on the moon and mars? More drama than sci-fi. Created by Chris Boucher of Blake’s 7 but definately not his best worr. Cool buggies and space shots. Lots of floaty bits. There’s the unnecessary zero G shots. There does seem to be an attempt to […]

Space Rangers – TV

1993 – one season – only 6 episodes were made. Space police on another planet. There’s the rough and tumble hero guy, the crusty dude with cheap cyborg parts, the newbie guy, the manly tough woman and the incredibly short Linda Hunt. Lots of space and even a robot. This series shows you the dumbest […]

Planet of the Apes – TV

1974 [one season]. Based on the movies. 14 episodes. Some were pieced together to make movies later on. Low quality show. I really can see why it didn’t get a second season but it’s  still a fun watch if you are a fan of the films. Post apocalyptic ape-ery. Lots of boring countryside locations. Occasionally […]

Ark II – TV

1976 TV series. 1 season. A jet pack, a cool vehicle and a monkey. What else do you need.? Certainly not a well written script, good acting, or good locations. These folks are future, post-apocalyptic environmentalists, here to save the day. Hurrrah! did i mention the monkey? This is the world of the 25th Century