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Electra Woman and Dyna Girl – TV

1976 – one season This Marty Krofft super hero show really was for kids. It quite effectively satirized the wacky Batman style from the 1960s series. Its low budget was perhaps its saving grace, lol. There really is not a lot to say about the show. Not a lot of plot. Not a lot of […]

The New Adventures of Wonder Woman – TV

1975-1979 – 3 seasons and 2 tv movies. Originally Cathy Lee Crosby was cast but Linda Carter took over and became the iconic Wonder Woman that pervades culture still today. The first season is set in world war 2 with Steve Trevor and the last 2 seasons are in the 70s with Steve Trevor’s son. […]

Super Force – TV

1990-1992 – 2 seasons. It is 2020 and astronaut Zachary Stone returns from mars to discover his brother has been murdered. He gets all vigilante and dons a kick ass power suit and motorcycle. It gets all superhero after that. He joins the police force. With his scientist side kick []with wacky glasses] and Patrick […]

The Pheonix – TV

1982 [one season] Only the pilot and 4 episodes were shown – 9 episodes total Bennu is an alien who really must be bored on earth. He can levitate things and likes to go into caves. He has a neat pendant that glows. He can send cool graphics into another persons brain and can play […]

Fantastic 4 – Roger Corman

1994 This was not released after it was made. It was only made to secure the copyright, so they say. It was not intended to be released. The cast did not know this when they were making it, supposedly. I think Roger Corman just said that, after he saw how bad it actually turned out. […]

Shazam / Isis – TV

1974 – 1977 The Shazam! / Isis hour – TV These two shows were usually shown together on saturday mornings. They were shows for kids with strong morals. A kind of christian-ish moral simplicity.  Half hour episodes with not a lot of plot. I am not sure if you could call it acting but it […]

Captain America – TV

1979 – 2 made for TV movies 1990 – made for TV movie The 1979 movies are really low quality in every possible respect. Both are equally bad. The 1990 one is a bit better and is ‘watchable’. Captain America 1:     Captain America 2 – Death too Soon – 1979:     Captain […]

The Amazing Spider Man – TV

1977-1979 [two seasons] Based on the comic. It is very cheesy and the whole series feels like a pilot. It can be fun if you can deal with the cheese. Not cutting edge at the time either. Typical tv drama writing for that time. oh, my

The Flash – TV

1990-1991  [one season] Police scientist type guy becomes the Flash with lady scientists Tina McGee as his side kick. A true comedy drama with well defined morals. Battling the villains of central city Based on the comic. .

The Man from Atlantis – TV

The Man from Atlantis – 1977-78 [4 tv films + one season] Patrick Duffy is the remaining survivor of Atlantis and he’s ready to foil some evil doers plans, every week. It’s usually the same evil doer. Lots of underwater footage of Duffy and a stunt man wiggling about. Oh the adventures.