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Space Precinct – TV

1994 -1 season –  Gerry Anderson Human immigrant cop family on another planet. Lots of rubber masks and crime. Lots of action. Warm fuzzy family moments too…in space. The models and city sets are very Gerry Anderson with that Thunderbirds type of style. I love the space ship chases the most. .


1970-1971 from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson A very fun and funky sci-fi / shadowy government organization tv show. Secret Organization Hip 70’s fashion. UFOs. Outerspace. Bright funky colours. Great spaceship models. Sexy ladies. Good writing and sets. Win. . .

Space 1999 – TV

Space 1999 I just watched this show again and I had forgotten just how slow moving and cerebral it was, especially the first season. Although it is reflective of the pace of the 1970s it really did get far too trippy. I am guessing that the lack of budget made it difficult to be all […]