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Gary Numan

1978-1981 best Not very obscure with hits like In Cars but he made many an oddball electro track that were far from hits. He triggered a cascade of electro that made the 80s what it was [imo]. 1979 – pleasure principle is the best lp Metal: Are Friends Electric: Down in the Park: [Down in […]

Section 25

This band went from no wave to electro. Mostly on Factory records. From the Hip lp – 1984   Program for Light: Looking from the Hilltop Beneath the Blade no wave: New Horizon:

Cabaret Voltaire

1980s  electronic band – Cabaret Voltaire. Beginning as a more dirgy electronic experimental band they found their sound with the lp Crackdown and then Micro-phonies and the Drinking Gasoline ep.  They were one of the first bands to use samplers extensively.  Sensoria managed to get alot of radio play but still maintained that great Cabaret […]

Pink Industry…

Electro alternative 80s band – Pink Industry. I had a hard time finding this record back in the day. Bass and drum machine feature dominantly. Post punk feminist dub? Who  Told You, You Were Naked lp New Beginnings lp best years – 1983-1985   Pain of Pride What I wouldn’t Give: Empty Beach: Anyone’s Fashion: […]

Simple Minds

Electronic Band from the 80s. Eventually became popular. There was a lot of electronic experimentation near the beginning especially with Reel to Real Cacophony. New Gold Dream and Sparkle in the Rain became much more popular and were good lps in general. Wasn’t a fan of anything after that. best lps – Empires and Dance […]