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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

1979-1981 2 seasons. Astronaut Buck Rogers gets lost in space, in a deep orbit, that returns to earth 500 years later. He gets revived and has some classic adventures. It gets a bit corn ball at times, especially with “Hawk Man” and the second season. Buck is suave and the ladieslove him, especially Pri ncess […]

Battlestar Galactica 1978 – TV

1978 – one season A serious classic of classics but still has a touch of low budget cheese. Humans from another part of the galaxy get mostly exterminated by Cylons. Those that survived flee in their spaceships, forming a space convoy, looking for earth. They are “rag tag” bunch. This series was followed by Galactica […]

The Man from the 25th Century – TV

1968 – TV pilot – 20 minutes. An Irwin Allen short. Not nearly as good as anything else he has made. A human gets taken as a child by aliens [with giant heads] that train him to fight for them.  Once he is an adult he goes back to earth to fight the “puny earthlings’ […]

The Robinsons – TV

2004 TV pilot that never went anywhere. In the future the earth is attacked by aliens but is fought off by mankind. This goes on for a time but then in 2082 a bunch of people and the Robinsons go into space on a trip to another planet. Unfortunately they all get attacked by aliens […]

Total Recall 2070 – TV

1999 – 1 season. Based on the movie. Buddy android/cop show. Mars mystery. Conspiracy. Blade Runner esque, yet cheesy with a touch of cornball. Not really much of an extention of the original movie. .

RoboCop – TV

1994 – 1 season Based on the movies except more family friendly with no killing. Bad guys and crime. Lots of villains, action and esplosions. Robocop looks and acts just the same as the movie. I want Otomo. .

Space Precinct – TV

1994 -1 season –  Gerry Anderson Human immigrant cop family on another planet. Lots of rubber masks and crime. Lots of action. Warm fuzzy family moments too…in space. The models and city sets are very Gerry Anderson with that Thunderbirds type of style. I love the space ship chases the most. .

Moonbase 3 – TV

1973 – miniseries – 6 episodes A show trying to be realistic on a moon base. A bit dry. Some uninspired writing. They go out onto the surface and then back into the base and then back onto the surface amot. At one point they all think the earth blew itself up but then… it […]

Star Cops – TV

1987 – one season Cops in space, on space stations, on the moon and mars? More drama than sci-fi. Created by Chris Boucher of Blake’s 7 but definately not his best worr. Cool buggies and space shots. Lots of floaty bits. There’s the unnecessary zero G shots. There does seem to be an attempt to […]

Space Rangers – TV

1993 – one season – only 6 episodes were made. Space police on another planet. There’s the rough and tumble hero guy, the crusty dude with cheap cyborg parts, the newbie guy, the manly tough woman and the incredibly short Linda Hunt. Lots of space and even a robot. This series shows you the dumbest […]