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Throwing Muses

Throwing Muses made deep and dark and original music. Listening to them  submerges you into the confusing and surreal psyche of Kristen Hersh. She is  backed by an absolutely original and talented group. Tonya Donelle occasionally taking the lead and afterwards  making her way in to the Breeders with Kim Deal from the Pixies. I […]

Cocteau Twins

An angelic and ethereal element of the 80s, the Cocteau Twins defined 4ad records at the the time. Mysterious lyrics that were a language all their own creating atmospheres for many a stoned and impressionable 80s fan. An original sound at the time. I was one. Forever changing me. Ah…. that echoey drum machine These […]

My Dad is Dead

Best Defence lp 1988 – Homestead records. A great compilation of tunes. Mark Edwards solo adventure. Alternative / Indie rock.     In the Morning: It’s Not What You Said: Cut Out: For Your Trouble:     .


1989-1990 best Definitely considered shoe-gazer but quite original for that sound with the help of some 4ad production. Deluxe is such a powerful tune. I saw them live in 1991 and they were great. I did not gaze at my shoes tho. I’ll raise my glass and drink a toast of bitterness to you.   […]

My Bloody Valentine

1985-1991 Sonic power house – My Bloody Valentine   Slow: You Make Me Realize: Soon [1991]: Feed Me  With your Kiss:

We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It

1986 best They have a Fuzzbox and they are going to use it from the lp Boston Steve Austin – Love is the Slug:

The Slits

1979-1980 best Feminist punk. They couldn’t sing very well but they were fun. They took their tops off a lot. It was very tribal punk. there is definitely a ska / reggae influence.   They forgot they were playing live, lol. Spend Spend Spend: Instant Hit [tune starts at 39secs]: Typical Girls:

The Beat

aka The English Beat. Ska…. mon. 1979-1982   ‘I Just Can’t Stop It’ Lp 1980 best   Rough Rider: Hands Off She’s Mine: Twist and Crawl: Rotating Heads: Mirror in the Bathroom: ska


1978-1986 best The first 2 lps Go2 & White Music were very frantic alternative pop tunes in the late 70’s. Then in 1979 they released Drums and Wires a much more solid and better produced lp and found quite a bit of  popularity with Making Plans for Nigel. Many lps and singles followed with many […]

The Stranglers

Another band starting in the late 1970s and influencing a ton of 80s and 90s bands. That bass! I used to be a big fan but find i cant listen to a lot of it now, lol. Oh that organ might have something to do with it…. So many well known classics. Peaches, Golden Brown, […]