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Super Force – TV

1990-1992 – 2 seasons. It is 2020 and astronaut Zachary Stone returns from mars to discover his brother has been murdered. He gets all vigilante and dons a kick ass power suit and motorcycle. It gets all superhero after that. He joins the police force. With his scientist side kick []with wacky glasses] and Patrick […]

Total Recall 2070 – TV

1999 – 1 season. Based on the movie. Buddy android/cop show. Mars mystery. Conspiracy. Blade Runner esque, yet cheesy with a touch of cornball. Not really much of an extention of the original movie. .

Space Precinct – TV

1994 -1 season –  Gerry Anderson Human immigrant cop family on another planet. Lots of rubber masks and crime. Lots of action. Warm fuzzy family moments too…in space. The models and city sets are very Gerry Anderson with that Thunderbirds type of style. I love the space ship chases the most. .

Moonbase 3 – TV

1973 – miniseries – 6 episodes A show trying to be realistic on a moon base. A bit dry. Some uninspired writing. They go out onto the surface and then back into the base and then back onto the surface amot. At one point they all think the earth blew itself up but then… it […]

Space Rangers – TV

1993 – one season – only 6 episodes were made. Space police on another planet. There’s the rough and tumble hero guy, the crusty dude with cheap cyborg parts, the newbie guy, the manly tough woman and the incredibly short Linda Hunt. Lots of space and even a robot. This series shows you the dumbest […]