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Black Sun Empire

2001-2005 best years Trio from Holland creating their own unique sound of dnb. They started their own BSE label including some other artists like Ill Skillz and SKC. Driving Insane LP and their 1-800-Contact ep on DSCI4 were their best releases imo. Any of their tracks will take you on a disjointed funky journey. They […]


Best 1998-2006 Teebee made his way from Norway to England. He started releasing tracks on Moving Shadow. From there he had a string of amazing releases for at least the next 8 years His styles varied  but were always smart and intricate.  Not surprising since his inspiration came from Photek’s music. He started the Subtitles […]

Kemal and Rob Data

1998-2002 Starting out as Konflict in the late 90s they became Kemal and Rob Data after some issues with their record  label Renegade Hardware. They eventually started their own label called Negative. They were the epitome of dnb at the time and you wont find many dnb heads that dont give them respect. Kemal was […]


2001-2007 best years.   Some great tunes by SKC. Many good collaborations. Tunes with Bratwa are particularly beautiful. Techno influenced at times. Beautiful and epic at other times. DSCI4, Nerve, Hospital recs, Commercial Suicide, Inflection. I love his Inflection stuff but can’t find any youtubes. :mermaid:   Free my Soul [w/ Safair]: Solitude [w/Bratwa]: Heart […]


Best 2002 – 2005. Once part of Stakka and Skynet in the 90’s, making absolutely wicked tunes, the duo separated and both made tracks. Skynet made a bunch of timeless tracks from 2002-2004. Punch Drunk: [tune ends at 5:30min of youtube and is just silence from 5:30 till the end at 9:42min] Psychonaut: Pogo: […]

Rawthang ft. Kari Rueslatten

Rawthang have made a bunch of great tunes. [2002-2005 – best]. There are 3 tunes they did with Kari Rueslatten tho that stand out. They are very beautiful and very powerful dnb tracks.   Scorned: Epilogue: Beautiful Morning:           .  


Known mainly for his techno flavoured dnb, his best years were 2000-2007. Among the techno influenced tunes he made a few incredibly beautiful tunes which i have included here. Now making straight up techno he is showing alot of talent in that area. A genuinely nice fellow and quite laid back. Troels B. Knudsen. Sea […]


Making great music since about 2002 and still going strong Break has made a vast variety of deep drum and bass tracks. Just a couple great tracks for example: Today’s Special: The Vacuum: Breathless [w/ Hydro]: Yes: catalogue:           .

Techstep mixes – dark

In this DogsonAcid thread there are a ton of rare and obscure techstep mixes. I posted this in 2007 and it still seems to be getting added to: In the first post are the first people who added to the thread at the beginning. At bottom of post is a link to beatplexity where […]

Rolldabeats – drum and bass resource

Go checkout rolldabeats for information on released [and unreleased] drum and bass track, lps, eps, singles etc. The definitive Drum and Bass catalogue. the forum: .