Trials Frontier

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Trials Frontier – free

This android title is coming from the extremely fun, Trials series on the Xbox. It is amazing how subtle the physics are for a touch screen phone game. I can’t ever seem to put it down. There are energy gas-ups to contend with so sometimes you have to wait for the gas to refill but i have been playing back and forth on my Nexus 5 and my Razr HD and the fun never stops! There is a story line so that is a bit to get used to. That ends up being what is so addictive about it. It seems that they are continually updating it and adding tracks and story lines.

However much fun this game is, there is 1 major negatives:
THE VIDEO ADS ALMOST KILL IT. If it were any other game i would uninstall it due to the brutal video ads. They load up in your cache [up to a gig] so you have to keep clearing your cache [but do NOT delete your data]. I won’t play the game on my data connection, only on wifi due to these brutal ads. When the ads load on my RAZR HD my game starts buffering and isn’t smooth until i clear the cache of these ads.

If want an amazing bike game with unbelievable physics, and can deal with the ads, download it at your play store.

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