Deus Ex – The Fall


An amazing game for your android device. Perhaps the best game for android at this moment in my opinion. This  is not a simplified version of Deus Ex and has most of the fun found in the console version – Human Revolution. Originally scheduled to come out in September 2013 it was not released until January 22nd 2014. The first version was glitchy and was replaced by version 0.0.19.
Supposedly some people think it is short game but i have yet to finish it. It does look like there will be add on episodes to come in the future.
Graphically it is almost as amazing as Human Revolution. It has the hacking and the augments and the points and the robots and everything you could hope for. The story is fun and it just blows away most other games for android out there.
I love the ability to adjust all the items in your hud for easier use, especially since phone controls are generally a bit difficult to get the hang of. I find this game has the easiest on screen controls for a stealth shooter like this. On that note, many people have complained about the lack of external controller support.

Some devices have been reported have no sound [there are enough subtitles that it is playable without sound, but i expect an update for that].
My Samsung galaxy S2 HD lte has no sound.
My Motorola Razr HD has sound













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