Docomo SH-06D [limited] Nerv Evangelion

Released back in May 2012.

I am not really familiar with the anime associated to the phone:  “Neon Genesis Evangelion”
It really is an awesome looking phone. The 3D interactive home page is fantastic. The whole phone / system is laid out in beautiful graphics. The 3D interactive icons have to be seen to really appreciate how amazing it is. The ‘Nerv’ style from the anime series is really nice. More phones should have these concepts with the home page being a big widget like this. Very Nice.

-1.2 GHz Dual-Core OMAP4460 processor
-Memory : 8GB ROM
-Micro SD memory card supports up to 32 gigs
-4.5 Inch HD Touchscreen 328 dpi – 720×1280
-Glasses-free 3D “MAGI” Display mode
-HD video Recording (1280 × 720)
-8 Megapixel HD Camera (2448 × 3264 pixels) (Capable of taking HD / 3D photos)
-anti-shake stabalizer camera



Previously the Nerv Evangelion theme was on the DoCoMo SH-06A flip phone:


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