robotone mixes at Beatplexity



update: Beatplexity no longer exists


robotone mixes [and doa techtep mixes]s found at Beatplexity:

[found on page 2 of beatplexity link]

i am robotone btw
I appreciate the hosting at beatplexity and have been far too poor to contribute to the site. If you find beatplexity useful please contribute.

robotone mixes:

-Before they were B.C. [Bad Company]
-all Optical
-all Area 39
-all Matrix 1 and 2
-all Ed Rush 1 and 2
-all Decoder 1 and 2
-all Dom and Roland 1 2 and 3
-all Stakka and Skynet
-all Total Science
-all Regulate
-some techstep mixes

My mixes were made with cd player , nad turntable, mackie mixer w/ knobs and no headphones. A lot of them sound good despite that.






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